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Unhealthy tree
Unhealthy tree
Trees and Local Councils
  • Does your tree need trimming or
  • Do you have safety concerns regarding your tree or
  • Are you concerned about the health and vitality of your tree or
  • Do you simply want the dead wood removed from your tree or
  • Perhaps you want the canopy raised on your tree
  • Or, for whatever reason, you may need a tree removed
If any of these issues are of relevance to you, you need to be aware of the following information.
Unless you want just the dead branches removed, it is safe to say that your local Council requires you to obtain their approval before starting work on your tree.
Interestingly, many local Councils eg Liverpool; Campbelltown and Penrith Councils, actually disagree on what constitutes a tree.
Each Council also has differing rules and regulations governing trees under their jurisdiction, together with the processes involved in gaining approval to work on  trees in their area. Some Councils for example may charge a fee for processing an application- which is not refundable. Other Councils have a list of undesirable trees for their area. If the tree you want work done to is on that list, you can be virtually guaranteed of a speedy approval being issued by the Council.
Unhealthy tree
Evident deadwood
Evident deadwood
Palm tree
With this in mind, it certainly makes sense to use the services of an experienced expert Arborist to act on your behalf in gaining Council approval or at least to guide you as to whether the tree in question is worth the effort of making an application to Council and/or commissioning a report.
Please put forward to us, via our enquiry form on the Contact page, information such as
  • Why you require work done to your tree
  • The species if known, but not essential
  • Your Council area, or the suburb in which you live and
We can arrange the rest, including lodgement of the application to Council, if required.
We supply free quotes. However, our Level 5 Arborist requires a small fee for his consultation services and/or for a written report. These fees are then deducted from our quoted price to do the work.
Please remember: Council approval is required. It protects us all from hefty fines. Don't let anyone tell you any different.
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